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Jul 30, 2015

I want to ask about muscle mass.

I have a overall good size of my body. But my arms size is small and that is the biggest concern for me. I am doing the right training and having a good vegie diet but not getting that desired result. And also have a little bit fat around tummy and chest but that is not a big concern because that is not too much Please suggest me some good supplement or protien product that help me in getting desired body. I want to increase size of my muscles but dont want to get a hulk kindoff body.
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Jul 31, 2015

Hi Abhishek,

Your arms and other areas will grow the more you weight train. However a vegetarian diet is simply not enough protein for muscular development. I would suggest you take a whey protein supplement. I would recommend MuscleBlaze.


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Aug 01, 2015
Yes veggie diet don't have proper protein to gain muscle mass. I m also recommended muscle blaze. There are variety of whey protein and other Supliment.
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Aug 04, 2015

Hi abhi,

Because we already know that all veg sources have 2 nd class protein i.e any one amino acid missed from 22 amino acids. so definately you should have to take whey protein bcz these are fast digesitng and have 1st class protein as well. 

So you should take MB ISOLATE along with this take a box Of BCAA powder too as intraworkout. BCAA helps to recoved and repair ur muscle Instantly.



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