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Dec 22, 2017

I want to build muscle and reduce my waist size? which product should i choose?

I am 45 years old, Height 5.4 ft, weight 65 Kg, My waist size 38 inches, I have been exercising (weights and jogging) regularly. I want to build my muscle little bit and reduce my waist size too, I used diamatize iso 100 last year. is that suitable for my needs? which one should i go? (with less side effects)
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Dec 22, 2017


 As per your credentials, your ideal body weight is 62kg, so you are close to your ideal body weight, To build muscle mass and lose weight further you need to combine weight training and HIIT cardio. As you have not mentioned your workout schedule so try to maintain weights with 8-10 reps as per your capacity. Do HIIT cardio post weight training.
Yes isolate protein is a good choice and perfectly suitable for your fat reduction goals.

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