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Sep 09, 2015

I want to gain mass

I am male height 164 cm weight 54kg. I want to gain mass and weight as i look skinny
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Sep 10, 2015

According to your height your weight should be around 75 kgs i.e mean you need to gain around 20 kgs. 

So take a lot of carbs as well as protein  in you diet. take 6 meals in a day like:

Early morning: 10 almonds with 200 ml of milk

Breakfast: Oat meal or Crn flakes with milk

Mid Morning: Banana Shake

Lunch : Heavy Indian style lunch with curd

Evening: 7 whole eggs or banana shake

Dinner: high protein dinner with complex carbs

Before Bed: 300 ml milk 

Also you have to take a high calorie gainer of protein:carb should be 1:5 like ON serious mass, MuscleBlaze XXL , Dymatize Super mass gainer etc.



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