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Aug 14, 2015

I want to gain muscle volume and weight too

Please suggest me diet regime and exercise schedule to gain atleast 10 kgs and muscle weight . I am underweight and look very skinny. My height is 6 ft and i weigh only 72 kgs.My legs are skinny too.Please suggest suitable supplements and schedule keeping in mind i suffer from lower back issues and milk intolerance too.
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Aug 14, 2015
Go for gainner which have more carbs like MuscleBlaze weight gainner or endura dubble gain with high percentage of carbs 1:5 and 1:4 respectively for two months and after 10 to 15 days use MuscleBlaze gainner pro which have aproximatly equal protein and carbs ratio, after that you have gain some weight. After 10 days go protein like whey isolate for your muscle mantainance, and it is helpful for those who have lactose intolerant. In exercise 3 set 10 rep is good one go for it.
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Aug 17, 2015

If you suffer from milk intolerance do not go for any whey protein supplement as that also contains lactose. Rely on chicken and eggs for your protein and also have plenty of healthy carbs like rice, veggies, sweet potato and healthy fats like olive oil, coconut oil etc. Most importantly eat 200-400 calories above your maintainance calories.



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