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Jul 24, 2015

I want to increase my muscle size

I am regular student of a college and living in a hostel so my lifestyle and routine goes under this, so during my hostel life and college life i want to know that how can i make more muscle and maintain my muscle pump as the hostel food was not soo good. So please give me some suggestion regarding supplements and foods and workout routines so that i and many college friends wants to be in shape in their college's lifes. So please adivce my opinion!
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Aug 05, 2015
You are regular to your colg classes, and live in hostel it is best time and har time to build muscle and going to jym. Some tips for this segment Jym time should be in morning.. So u can sleep on time because body need min 8 hrs for recover and healthy lifestyle. Don't be skip 3 major meals specialy in morning. Take one scoop of whey protein after workout. Eat clean , avoid junk food , diet is major issues. Everything is possible just manage your time scheduled of day.. Problem is yours so solution would be find by you. Be natural be healthy.
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Oct 04, 2015

Depends on your body if ur too skinny try weight gainer.. if u have normal mass build it up to bulk by having mass gainer and if u have a good bulky mass then try whey protien to get a good n better shape for ur muscle mass (Y).! All The Best..!


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