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Sep 25, 2015

i want to know about the muscle building with pure vegetarian diet & proteins.

I am 30 year old guy,doing regular excercise from last 6 months but there is no visible changes in my body.I also had a supplement with workout which is muscletech 2times & ON whey protien 1 time & i am still struglling to find some result & thanks to god there is no medical problem. Can you please suggest some good workout & with vegetarian diet and supplements.   Thanks Mayank
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Oct 01, 2015


Yes you can build your muscles with veg diets as well. 

Follow this supplement stack for better results:

1. Whey ISOLATE(as post-workout)

2. BCAA ( as intra-workout)
3. Multivitamin 

4. Omega 3

5. CASEIN ( as a night time protein)

And train yourself 6 days in a week and do 20 minute cadio after workout daily.


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