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Aug 14, 2015

I want to know workout plan of double muscle (supersets)

I want a new workout plan
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Aug 14, 2015
Dubble muscle like bisep and trisep ! In which you take trisep and bisep in super set. Trisep extension and barbell curl 3 set Both hand tri and preacher curl Rope pushdown and incline hammer db curl Overhead trisep push down and concentration curl Trisep dips( bar dips) and seated one arm trisep. In sholder... Side lateral raises and front db risese Superset makes regular workout instance and it is beneficial when you have good diet or Supliment like BCAA or pre workout. Superset is combined set of two or more exercise with little or no rest between sets. I prefer dropset more it is easy to intermediate and only one superset in each day. Be natural be healthy
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Aug 17, 2015

Hi Rahul,

Incorporate the following excercises into supersets for biceps:




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