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Apr 15, 2016

I want to loose fat around my hips.

HI MY NAME IS TAJINDER SINGH. I m fto. Punjab. Last year i used to weigh more than 100 kilos around 108 kilos now my weight is 82 kilos. Reason for that weight loss was i went to Cyprus for work there due to lots of work and less food literally no food i lost weight dramatically when i came back to India i weighed around 65 kilos. Then i stared doing gum in India real problem started here even after going to gym i started gaining weight. But now some how i managed to maintain my weight to 83_84 kilos . everything is going bud now but problem is fat on my belly and hips i m not able to get rid from that stubborn fat. I tries to go on strict diet but sometimes i feels like i gained some fat on my hips. I do heavy lifting. Squats are my favourite i go 5-6 days in gym. I feels lije my body is faining muscle mass and getting bulky. Bulky is not a problem problem is belly and hio fat. So can u please suggest something what shall i do. Any particular didt or supplements. Because body building is my dream. I think or i am from endomorph category because its in genes Thanks
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