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Sep 18, 2015

I want to lose belly fat & build muscle.

Hi, I want to lose belly fat as it has made me very under confident and recently have started running also have cut down on my diet also a lot but i've become thinner & didn't lose as much belly fat as i wanted. Can u pls guide me as have been misled already a lot when i started working out in gym taking all sorts of gainers which only resulted in increasing my belly fat.                     Need your guidance to get back in shape. Thanks, Jittin sharma    
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Sep 18, 2015


Do your abs workout with heavy weight as well as cut down simple carb , simple sugar, saturated fat, a lot of sodium from your diet, take small and frequent rich protein meals in a whole day. 

You should take 6 rich protein diet in a whole day beacuse you need somewhere around 1.8-2  grm per kg of your body weight of protein.Add 3 - 4 cups of green tea and  take Whey Isolate and BCAA as your supplement stack, it will be really beneficial for your muscle growth.


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