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Sep 14, 2015

I want to lose my stomach fat, its been almost a year i have lost 13kg but my stoamch fat is still there. so help me getting rid of my fat

i get fat so easily but very hard for me to lose weight specially stomach fat i havent been using any supplement but i am going to start using them soon i dont want to have fat burner so please help me with my issue
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Sep 17, 2015


Its ok to use fat burner but along with it you need to take protein shake also to maintain your muscle mass and along with it do proper training with cardio 15 mins after weight training  and diet with less fat,sugar and salt.for proper diet and training cconsult on link given below:http://consult.healthkart.com/??itracker=w:tab|;p:2|;c:consult|;


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