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Dec 13, 2015

I want to make big size but less fat...

Hi. I'm suraj. I'm work out since last 6 years. I also do bodybuilding competition. And also win several Bengal champion tag. But now I want to make my size is more big. My height is 5.7 now weight is 70.(with little fat). I want to make more size but excluding fat. I'm practice 6 days in a week. So please help me ..
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Jan 08, 2016


Acoording to your height ,your Ideal Body Weight is 67 Kg, So I would suggest you to go ahead with creatine along with the multi blended form of protein of protein like BSN syntha 6 , PRO 7 or Musclepharmcombat which (consist of different seven types of protein like whey protein isolate, whey protein hydrolyzed,whey protein concentrate, micellar casein ,calcium caseinate,soy isolate and milk protein isolate) will help in gaining the muscle mass. You canalso add glutamine & BCAA which is branched chain amino acid and helps in reducing the muscle soreness and muscle fatigue during the workout.You also need to maintain high calorie & high protein diet along with it as diet plays a major role along with the exercise and supplementation.


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