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Jul 06, 2015

I want to put on 10kgs with maximum muscle mass

Height: 5feet 10 inches                                    Target Weight: 69kgs                                                  80kgs Arms :14.5                                                       16.5 Chest: 38                                                          46
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Jul 06, 2015

hi edna,

u wont simply get it, u shld earn it. eat clean, take right supplements (mass gainer,whey,bcaa, glutamine etc) train hard , sleep n repeat....increase ur calories every week.


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Jul 24, 2015
Maximum Muscle Mass.. First 2 months follow 1:4 diet Where 1 protein:4 carbohydrates. Your diet should have 4 times carbs for mass gaining. Take some mass gainner After 2 months follow 1:1 ( equal) diet, use lean mass gainner.

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