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Mar 21, 2016

I wnt to gain muscle

My wait is 75_whn I am going to gym it's reduced by 65_I going to gym for last 8_mnths but I nt seeing any changes,to my body muscles,are,nt coming pls,hlp me to gain muscle wht are foods,to be tkn at time and whether I HV to use any protein powder
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Apr 01, 2016

Hi Nithin,

You are looking for weight loss definitely you will loose. Do Compound exercise then 20 minutes cardio. Diet should be very balanced avoid saturated fats and junk food as well.Protein is necessary for the recovery of muscles, so use Whey isolate protein( 1 scoop early in the morning with water 1 scoop post workout with water). Green tea early in the morning and 1 in the evening that will boost metabolism.



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