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Sep 08, 2015

I wnt to loss my belly fat n butts,,,n increase my biceps size

Hey m 5ft11",,weight is 89kg,,m doin gym for last 3 yrs,,,pls send me d perfect plan for weight loss n simultaneously I wnt to increase my biceps size.before 3 yrs ago hv weight of 99kg,,,,bt still dr is something is missing ,,,pls suggest d proper guidance for my question,,,Thnks in advance
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Sep 08, 2015


You can't increase muscle and lose fat at the same time. Decide what your goal is first.


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Sep 08, 2015

Hi Nihar,

One Myth I want to clear that Fat never change in muscles. so when we are in leaning phase we burn our fat and protect muscles thats it, thats why its impossibe to gain muscle size and burn fat both simultaneously.

Now if talk about your case you should loose your weight first  beacuse according to your height your weight should be around 78 Kgs.

So avoid simple carbs, sugar, lot of sodium, saturated fats, etc, take a lot of protein meals and do your regular workout (6 days in a week).


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