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Jan 06, 2016

I would like to buy serious mass 12lb, but concerned about ingenuity, will there be a distributor logo attacher to the 12lb pack???????

i have seen an unboxing video of a serious mass 6lb delivere by Healthkart.com and there was a distributors logo, but i am concerened about the 12lb pack, if thete is no logo then how will i know its authentic?????????? if there is a distributors logo i would like to see these ones NEUVERA Wellness Ventures (www.neuvera.in) Neulife Nutrition (www.neulife.in) ARC Distributors (www.arc-distributors.com, www.perfectbody.in) Bright Lifecare (“HealthKart”) (www.healthkart.com) Primarc Pecan Retail Private Limited ([email protected]) Bright Commodities ([email protected])
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Jan 07, 2016


 We understood your concern. It's true many people produce fake supplement at their places and sell them into the supplement market with huge profit margins. These fake supplements are very much dangerous for Human body. As you know there are 6 companies legally authorized to import ON products in INDIA.We are glad to tell you that we are one of them with the name of 
     You can buy optimum nutrition products from our website/Retail Stores and you will get them Authentic for sure along with importer sticker. 

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