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Oct 28, 2016

Im 24 years old (ht:5.5,wt.57).i look very thin .want to increase my weight and also wanted to get lean muscle mass.

I jus joined gym 1 week back.please suggest me i terms of workout and diet..Thanks in advance
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Oct 28, 2016
My suggestion at this stop thinking of protein for a month. Try 5*5 workout every alternate day. Make sure you do heavy weight reps. Start taking a Whey protein after a month. Your body will start responding to it. At initial stage do not take more than a scoop, but after some time you can increase it according to your workout routine. Remember one thing, powders are just a supplement which will work only when you have a good diet. Do not rely on the supplements for complete gain. Focus in a high-calorie diet, eat whatever you get. Avoid getting into Junk food like noodles, etc. These take a lot of time for digestion. If you are having issues with digestion after consuming high-calorie diets, try taking a probiotic or Aristozyme, which is easily available on any medicine store.
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Nov 02, 2016
You can consume Whey Isolate post workout and do weight training religiously.

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