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Mar 26, 2016

I'm an endomorph want to get ripped body with abs and lean muscle properly visible, would also love to maintain medium to large lean muscle size

I'm 5'11" tall with 82 kgs body weight I gain weight and fat in body very fast. I try to do hardcore cardio but my body power/energy doesn't permit me hence face quick failures in reps though I'm capable to lift moderate to high weights provided reps are less (6-8). My bodytype is endomorph as per my understanding where muscle size never embarrased me but the body cut/shape is pushing me back. I want to see proper cuts in my body. I have started taking whey protein thrice/day (1 scoop=25 gms. each) in morning, pre workout and post workout. I try to avoid junk and fried foods but believe falling short in strenghth, energy and power which supposed to fuel me.
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Mar 27, 2016


I'm pretty sure this is a big problem for more or less all the endomorphs. Strictly speaking, if you want to get rid of body fat you need to cut off your junk food, aerated breverages and booze cravings. Better stress on 4 macro and 3 micro meals. Add chicken breasts, lentils and skimmed cottage cheese in your diet as in protein source with salad and fruits in carb. Keep your workout sessions intense, 45mins max. rep out as many as you can. Dont skip your cardio sessions, keep varitions in each. If your body fat is above 20% immediately stop having whey and stress on fatburners. BTW try avoiding AC during sleep.



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