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Dec 29, 2015

I'm doing night shift i need a good diet plan to build & i'm lifting frm 2years

I'm doing night shift I need a good diet plan to build & I'm lifting frm 2years... My arms are very week it's not growing. I want to reduce my stomach fat
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Dec 30, 2015


As you are working out and lifting the weight from past two years you need to maintain high protein diet along with low fat . For detailed query on diet, supplementation and workout you can enroll with our services on below mentioned link.|;p:0|;c:bodybuilding|;%20.

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Jan 05, 2016
Hey manju first of all u have to do hard work in the gym,eat protien rich food and fat with low carb diet it will help u if do low carb diet,about low carb diet means a keto diet which help u to build muscle and lose fat at same time to know u about more u can reply me!thx

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