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Dec 30, 2016

I'm not losing weight

I run daily for 15 minutes in a good speed but still I don't find any improvement In my weight What should be my diet I'm a student and I'm preparing for competitive exam all I could afford is 1to 2 hours a day for exercise my height is 173cm and I'm 80 kgs age is 27 Please help to increase my endurance and lose weight
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Jan 02, 2017

As per your credentials you need top reduce 7-8 kgs to get your Ideal Body weight , In a day do 45 min to 1 hour workout under guidance of a trainer,which should include more of cardio . You can also include whey isolate post workout . And in diet include high protein diet like boiled chicken, egg whites, fish, tofu .Also keep your self hydrated .


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