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Jan 21, 2016

Im to thin so tell me how to gain maas nd suggest me best mass gainer

Plz suggest me the best mass gainer bcoz im to thin.
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Jan 21, 2016


As you want to gain weight you can go ahead with supplements like weight gainer i.e MB weight gainer,Brio weight gainer etc if you are not having any physical workout in day to day routine .If you are doing the workout then you can go ahead with supplements like mass gainers i.e ON Serious mass, Dymatize supermass gainer MB mass gainer xxl etc.This mass gainer supplements is use full for those who are underweight ( their weight according totheir height is less) and they want to increase their weight along with gain in muscle mass.You need to consume 300 gm per day of the gainer the day you exercise and the day you won't exercise you need to consume 150 gm of the gainer throughout the day.Post workout  consume it with water and rest after 2 hours of the meal either with room temprature or cold skimmed milk/water.Liquid intake of at least 4 liters per day is must as all the supplements produce heat in the body,so for that you should be properly hydrated.


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