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Dec 28, 2015

Increase biceps

Hi I am doning gym. I want increase my height I big size biceps .how can I got it.. Creatine supplement is suitable for me. They have any side effects.. Please say.. Thanks Regards Prakash
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Dec 30, 2015


There is no such supplement which can increase your height . It all depends upon your genes. But you can outsmart them by having different sort of exercises in your day to day regimen.

creatine is a high energy compound which helps to store and provide energy. Creatine is produced within the body, occurs naturally in fish and meat and can also be taken in supplement form.It is intended to increase muscle bulk  and help you train for longer . It also boost performance during frequent high-intensity exercise.

The by product of creatine is creatinine , and if you are taking it in the correct dosage and also keeping good liquid through out the day i.e 4 - 5ltrs which helps in flushes out the waste product from the body which does not causes any side-effects.


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