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Mar 12, 2016

Is fat burners really work... and good for health

Hii... M taking creatine for 1 month and thinking to take fat burners.... Does it really work.... Does it have any side effects to the body....?
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Mar 14, 2016


You did't mention your details, I am sure you are following Creatine Cycle if not creatine cycling schedule of 12 weeks ( with loading of 15-20gm/day for begening 5 days on followed by 4 weeks off.

Yes fat burners works but you have to diet accordingly.There is nothing wrong in taking both creatine supplements and fat burner together. If you combine both fat burner and creatine supplement, probably creatine may not have much good effect as fat burner cuts the calories needed for muscle growth. Both creatine supplements and fat burners can cause dehydration when used together. Hence, it is essential that you must drink a lot of water while using these supplements.


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