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Jan 06, 2016

Is having fat burner the last option to reduce abdomen fat.

As I belong to middle class, taking whey and fat burners is near to impossible for me, I do running and crunches but it isn't showing much effect. Please suggest me the alternative as I too want a muscular body like vidhyut jamwal.
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Jan 06, 2016


 As your end goal is to be like Vidhyut then you need to have good protein intake which you cannot have from your natural diet and you need to take fast absorbing protein whivh is whey protein.You can go for economical budget protein like Muscleblaze, TaraNutricare etc.

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Jan 10, 2016


bro if you could just tell me your budget for supplements (if you are willing to take any). then i would recommend you something.


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