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Feb 10, 2017

Is intake of protein powders necessary for fatloss

Hi! Iam 42 years, trying for weightloss as well as fatloss. Iam doing cardio, and weight training at a local gym since 1.5 years. And have weightloss of 18+ kgs. I have progressed from beginner level, and now a days Iam doing barbell back squats, deadlifts, barbell rows, shoulder presses, along with some of the machine workouts. So I wanted to know if Protein supplement powders are necessary. As I am eating natural food like eggs, curd, milk, pulses, nuts, paneer for protein intake. Iam 75kg, and eating 100+ g of protein altogether. I would like to know if this helps for considerable muscle growth and fatloss. As a woman iam concerned about side effects the protein supplements have on female health, as I am looking forward to take advanced infertility treatment. Also, what about the effects on kidneys. Thank you, Shobha
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