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Sep 25, 2015

Is it possible to build muscle and loss fat at same time ?

hello sir,i am 30 yr male with 5.11 height.i exercise regularly since from 2 yrs,but recently i started to take it seriously since from 2 months. i want to develope full 6 packs abs so i direcly started cutting off phase before 2 months and my weight reduce from 72 kg to 68kg i see some improvement but my lean look became more leaner. still i dont know how much weight i should reduce to get 6 pack abs more weight reduction can cause health problem.so i am thinking about clean bulking up but again what is guaruntee i will put on muscle not fat just confuse pls suggest some solution.i want to increase weight with reducing fat and adding lean muscle.  
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Oct 01, 2015


Spot reduction is not possible.


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