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Apr 23, 2016

Is it possible to make body without any supplements

Hello Sir,  I am Vivek age 23 and a student and I stay in hostel and I have been working out since two years and haven't seen much progress yet. I use to go to gym once in the evening  and my diet is morning I have around 8:00 I take oats with milk and 8:30 4 eggs white, 11:00 an apple(medium size), around 1:30 white rice and 3 chapatti and 2 bowl of daal and 1 bowl of curd, around 4:30 100g paneer or sometime 200g boiled chicken and I go to gym at 5:30 and after gym I again take 4 eggs white and around  9 or 9:30 I take dnnr which composed of two roti and little bit sabji and two bowls of daal again. Please advise me sir
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Apr 23, 2016

Hi Vivek,

Your diet is ok as you stay in hostel, but supplement is required because when you do workout you use to rupture your muscle to make it repair you need fast digesting protein. So if you will use whey protein post workout with water surely your muscles will be recover faster and you can see results as well.



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