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Sep 19, 2015

Is soy protein safe for men?

i want to ask that if soy protein is useful in building muscles? and is it safe for men? because there are lots of rumours regarding soy.like they reduces testosterone levels so i want to know your opinion regarding soy proteins.
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Sep 22, 2015

Hi Abhimanyu,

Soy protein is a source of isoflavones, compounds known to have estrogen-like effects in the body (subsequently referred to as “phytoestrogens”). They are also implicated as the main culprits in soy protein’s testosterone-lowering claims.

Clinical and epidemiological evidence have backed soy protein’s cholesterol-reducing, total lipid-lowering, and cancer-preventative effects, but concerns still remain over its role as a muscle-building supplement, especially in men.

One study, for example, found that 56g of soy protein for 28 days significantly reduced testosterone levels in healthy male.



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