Key Nutrients for Women at Every Age


Regular exercises and nutrition are the foundation of optimal health and activeness in each human being. As every individual is different, their needs for the nutritions are different. It varies from gender, age, physical activity and medical conditions. You can’t keep everyone on the same page when it comes to nutrition. Women’s bodies are different from men and have to face so many changes in their life span. Thus demand special attention when it comes to nourishment. Even at every stage of life, the need for certain vitamins for women are more than other nutrients. Maybe you have seen fast changes when a female grows, few of us have noticed the nutrition needs they develop as they grow. Though women and nutrition can be covered as a whole separate topic, we are going to cover almost everything about it with diets for women.

Women and Nutrition

During the teen age, females grow between immense socio-emotional and biological changes which are associated with hormonal changes. Rapid increase in physical growth and physiological changes, they need more energy and nourishment to perform several physical, mental, and emotional activities. Otherwise they can face malnutrition, underweight, micronutrient deficiency, lethargy, and many more. So, nutrition for women is very important since they took birth. You can compare their nutritional needs to males. In several societies, nutritional needs of women are taken for granted. And they are given the same vitamins and minerals supplement as given to men. But people are getting aware now and have started to raise their voice loud for the best vitamins for women via either supplement or healthy diet for women.

Vitamins for Women:

Here we got the best vitamins for women as they get aged.

Iron for Women:

Iron deficiency is the reason for anemia in young girls. Due to which they experience the issues in mental and physical capacity. This leads them to lack of concentration which deteriorates their educational and work performance. So, Iron for women is very much important, it is an integral part of hemoglobin and quite essential for transporting the oxygen to the cells and producing the red blood cells. In the starting period of life, women need to take special care of iron amounts until they grow to their 50s. You get sufficient iron, make a healthy diet plan for women which is a rich source of iron. Include the food sources: broccoli, fish, chicken, duck, eggs, spinach, fish, and red meat.


It plays an important role in the thyroid hormone synthesis which is crucial for physical and mental development of a child. Iodine deficiency in women can affect the newborns or neonatal hypothyroidism. So, in your 20s, it is one of the most desirable minerals for you. To get that naturally, the best diet for women should include fish like tuna and cod, eggs, seafood, shrimp, and iodized salt.

Fatty Acids:

As you grow old, you have to work hard for maintaining eye, heart, and joint health. It becomes quite tough at your 50s. So, start having fatty acids from a young age and maintain these essentials. If you are creating a diet plan for women include flax seeds, avocado, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, walnuts and fish like albacore, mackerel, salmon, and herring.


As we grow older, our muscles lose strengthening. Tissues take time to repair if torn. Women face this challenge so often as they are more prone to this than men. To gain muscle mass, protein is required very much. It also helps you to maintain a healthy weight. You will find the protein in your healthy eating for women which include poultry, eggs, lean meat, milk, yogurt, pulses, cheese, and many more.

Vitamin C:

Get onboard the vitamin c rich foods on the diet plan for women so that they can enjoy the healthy immune system. You can find the vitamin c in citric fruits like orange, indian gooseberry, and vegetables like leafy greens, spinach, brussels sprouts, cabbage, tomatoes, cauliflower, and others.

Vitamin D:

Calcium for women along with vitamin D is essential for the bones. Women have been seen with issues of bones around the world. Vitamin D helps bones to absorb calcium and make the bones and teeth stronger. It is widely accepted for pregnant women care. Usually, people find vitamin D from the sun but there are other sources of vitamin D which include: mushroom, fatty fish like mackerel and tuna, fish oil, beef liver, eggs yolk, and dairy products.

Calcium for Women:

Calcium is the best pregnant women care that takes care of the health of bones in women after pregnancy. After pregnancy, women lose most of the nutrients that they need to live a healthy life. So, you must include calcium rich foods in healthy eating for women that includes: cheese, milk, curd, cabbage figs, broccoli , rhubarb, and others.

Folic Acid:

Incorporate folic acid in your nutritional food for pregnant women. But it is as important for a younger or older woman as it is important for the pregnant woman. It helps in RBCs production, proper nervous system function, energy production, and cognitive development.

Key nutrients for Different Age Category:

These are the nutrients that women require but some nutrients are needed most in different age groups.

At the age 9 to 19: Protein, energy, iron, and calcium are very important at this age for them for their physical, mental, and pubertal growth and development.

Age 20 to 30: This is considered as a child bearing age for women so they need some special nutrients more than others that include folate, vitamin D, calcium, magnesium, and iron.

Age 31 to 40: After 30, the body starts depleting specially in women so it demands extra care with the nutrients including iron, vitamin C, vitamin E, protein, and calcium.

Age 41 to 50: After your 40s, you need fatty acids like omega 3 and 6, vitamin B complex, mainly to improve your overall health.

After 50: It is a time when you have to start paying attention toward the nutrients like calcium, vitamin D, and Vitamin B12 to keep your body well functioning.

Nutrition for Pregnant Women:

Although these vitamins are very important, either the amount of nutrition or nutrition for pregnant women changes. Your good food for pregnant women should contain some of the nutrients in abundance which include:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Iron
  • Calcium
  • Folic Acid

Your diets for women should include all these nutrients. Some should be higher than others as per the demands of their body, nutritional needs or medical condition. Good food for pregnant women is different from those for young or older women. Women's bodies are not less than a miracle and to support this miracle, they need miraculous nutrients. Maybe these are not some different kinds of nutrients that men bodies demand. But the amount of the nutrients matters because one size fits all is not countable when it comes to women nutrition.

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