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Oct 07, 2015

Kidney stone

Hello, I have started gymming one month back. With my regular diet I have gained 4 kg. Recently I purchased whey protein. But I dint start my protein shake as yet cause I wanted to check my kidney stone status. Yesterday I did my ultrasound and i detected 3 kidney stones,each 3mm. Doctor said to increase your intake of water and flush it out.  My question is should I start with my protein shake? If I do, will it have any effect on kidney stone formation? And I want to gain weight. What would you advice?
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Oct 08, 2015


There is a lot of reason behine a stone formation so protein is not only the one, if I am talking about you medical conditions i think you should finish your medication fisrt and then go ahead with protein supplements or for best suggestion consult with doctor.


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Oct 09, 2015


Go consult a doctor. He will know the reason and advise you the best possible route.



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