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Dec 02, 2015

Lack of muscle growth

Sir I have been working out for last 2+ years in local gym. I dont eat eggs or nonveg food Plus i haven't taken any protein or other supplements either So the issue is that in first 1.5 years i grew bigger from underweight guy to normal guy Started at 69 Now my weight is 78 and height is 6.1 But now from 8 months i dont see any growth in seize in fact i have lost 2 kg weight From 80 iam back at 78. I workout 6 days a week for 1 hour Please tell me i am causing to muscle degradation by not eating nonveg or eggs or working out without supplements Kindly suggest my the best possible plan and supplements with it. I think am working out more then i should have without any good diet. Need some help here Thank you
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Dec 03, 2015

You need to eat more protein. If you aren't eating meat, then do go for cottage cheese, paneer, dals and most importantly take a whey protein supplement.


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