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Sep 16, 2015

Lean muscle gain

I am 5'8 in and 23yrs old male. I have been constantly working out on my weight loss and lean muscle mass but somewhere i feel i am going on a wrong path. Also, i have lot of fat added to my body after recovery from a major accident. Current status of my waist is around 32 or 34 and i want to reduce it to micro waist or around 28-30. My body seems so pluffy instead of doing heavy weight training in my past. So please help me guide through this issue.
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Sep 17, 2015

If you want to loose the fat ...,I suggest you to add cardio after your weight training...and take clean diet....,like copmlex carbs,low fat and high Protein...and if you are not sure of what you are doing.. You can click on the below provided link for the proper consultation on diet , supplementation and training.


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