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Jan 19, 2017

Leg calf muscle pain, short of breath and hair fall

Hi, I am Rupa, 31 year old female. I have leg calf pain since 2 years, calf pains after simple walk too. I also feel extremely tired after workouts or any physical activity and fall short of breath. Consulting any doctors has not helped. Please help!
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Jan 25, 2017
We 'll suggest you to go for vitamin D, blood Sodium and potassium test. On a safer side you get your CBC, KFT, Vitamin D and your lipid profile test done and then see a doctor. Also, if the problem is very serious and if you have a cardiac family history then you should get your cardiac check up done. After getting your medical check up done again consult a doctor. Then you can contact us on 01244616444, we'll discuss your case in detail and guide you accordingly.

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