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Aug 27, 2015

Lose belly and lower body (around buttocks) while maintaining upper body

I am not the most genetically gifted but i truly believe in the fact that having a good body is the best my body can shape up to be . So i have been going to gym for about 7 months now. I stand 5 foot 9 and weight around 79 kg and i want to be big but at the same time.trim down my lower body and belly . I have a really big buttocks for a male and small thighs and my goal is smaller butt and bigger thighs .i am an asian built and n endomorph i guess I have a big abdomen which i would like to trim it down but then i dont want to lose my upper body gains . I am really ashamed sometimes to wear my shirt tucked in as i have big butt and big abdomen but my upper body is fairly built . It makes me self concious . So to sum it all up i would like you advice me on how i can maintain and build muscle on my upper body(chest,arms,shoulders) while i cut on my belly and buttocks and build muscle in my thighs and legs . Thank you!
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Sep 07, 2015

So in 7 months theres no way you can find out your genetics for bodybuilding. Just workout regularly and do plenty of squats with high reps. The high reps will shape your glutes and help you lose fat around them. Same goes for deadlifts. Workout regularly and be in a caloric deficit.



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