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Jul 24, 2015

Losing belly fat by a vegetarian with limited protein options.

I am regular to gym and trying to shed fat from my belly and reveal abs. I understand i need to shed fat overall from the body and theres nothing like spot training. However if you can help i need your advice on how to reveal abs and still put on say 2-3 kgs lean muscle. I also understand that these 2 processes cannot be carried out at the same time. But i am never able to make up my mind what to do first when i feel like cutting carbs i feel drop in muscle size and am scared to go further down. In case am trying to gain i am stuck up with revealing the abs. Considering my problem can you help me chalk out a plan for weight gain and revealing abs and the diet for the same. If you can help i can share the excel sheet made by me covering my diet and the macros.   Age : 28 Height : 165 cms Weight : 61-62 kgs Waist : 34 inches Diet : Pure vegetarian, no eggs even (so find hard to cut calories with enough protein).
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