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Oct 02, 2015

Lost a lot of kgs,how do i get rid of loose skin and now unable to loose weight.

I have come to a Saturation point ,I have lost weight a lot of weight, from 120 to 76kg now 85,started weight lifting but then loose all the control I did to loose weight,now I'm unable to loose weight anymore ,I want my weight to be 76 which is ideal for my bmi ,and I need to get rid of loose skin as well! Please help ,never took fat burner , now did start with the burner as well but no response, I take protein also. Please suggest.
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Oct 06, 2015

Hey Karan,

You should cut down you simple carbs, simple sugar, saturated fat from your diet, Follow this supplement stack for better results:

1. Whey ISOLATE(as post-workout)

2. BCAA ( as intra-workout)
3. Multivitamin 

4. Omega 3

5. CASEIN ( as a night time protein)

And train yourself 6 days in a week and do 20 minute cadio after workout daily.


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