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Jul 19, 2015

Lower abs and biceps

Hi   pls help in suggesting the few best excercises for making good lower abs and having awesome biceps. i have been doing the excercise since jan'15.  pls suggest what all supplement shall i take bacause lots of people suggest different things once ask. i am quite puzzled..i am taking whey protien post gym work out..   pls suggest/ sumit 7840011770
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Jul 20, 2015

Hi Sumit,

For lower abs u need to decrease ur body fat because upper abs r easily made but lower abs r difficult. For that u need to keep a clean diet with very low fat.

For exercises i would recommend lying leg raise, hanging leg raise/knee raise, body twist, side bends.

For biceps u need to work both on ur short head & long head. Do heavy barbell curls, they r best for gaining size in biceps. Follow this workout:

Barbell curl > incline dumbell curl > alternate dumbell curl > preacher curl > hammer curl > reverse barbell curl

For better help give me ur detailed workout & diet plan at my email.

For any other querries email me at [email protected] or ask on my facebook page

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Jul 20, 2015

To develop your abdomen muscles you need to focus on excercises like leg raises, air plunges, dumbell push sit up etc.For biceps stick to movements like incline curls, hammer curls, preacher curl etc. However please remember your abs won't show unless you diet well along with proper supplementation. Diet wise keep protein high and carbohydrates low. Supplementation wise, below is the basic stack I would suggest:

1. Fat burner

2. L-Carnatine

3. CLA

4. Whey Protein

Hope this helps!


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