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Sep 10, 2015

Lower pecs not pumping/growing

hi, i am 23 years old,i have been working out since 2 years and have seen good results overall my body,but my lower pecs are not growing, while i workout for pec i got good pump on upper half but not on lower half, as lower half is part of chest which gives it a great shape, i have tried number of lower pec exercises (pullover with dips, decline dumbbell press, decline dumbell fly etc), diff techniques like drop set,super set, pre-exhaustion but didnt get results. Thanks in advance  
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Sep 10, 2015

This is because you have less motor units( fibers) in your lower chest thats why you can't develop lower chest so more.

You should start your chest exercise with decline dumbell press first, do it for four weeks, then see the results after that revert me back


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