Managing Anxiety During A Lockdown


No doubt, isolation and  lockdown have completely changed our life by disrupting our daily routine to this extent that we can see anxiety symptoms in men, women, and even in children. 
Earlier, we used to hang out with our friends, colleagues, family members, and others for specific purposes like meetings, coffee /tea breaks.  The entire schedule of the day used to be so busy that we couldn’t find the time to get bored or feel lonely. You must remember your weekends and your feelings to meet some people around you. This extended period of lockdown has exacerbated the feelings so much that we have to find the ways to help anxiety in us.As humans are social animals and aren't meant for living in isolation. 

The loneliness at that extent can make humans vulnerable to the signs of anxiety. If nobody is around, it becomes really hard coping with anxiety. 

What causes anxiety?

The loneliness and lack of physical activity can lead to heart disease, respiratory disorders, chronic pain, thyroid issues, tumors, drug & alcohol misuse, and many more. These all lead to anxiety.  

How to cope with anxiety?

Though anxiety is prevalent in the society before locked down but the intensity can be increased if we are unable to identify it at the right time or don’t know how to deal with anxiety and stress effectively. We all are aware of the pressure in the office and have done many classes on  how to deal with anxiety and stress at work. But this time we are facing a completely different situation where we are isolated in our home. That home which used to be a shelter of all our worries, Now that home and loneliness is going to sting us. So, follow the guide how to deal with anxiety attacks at home to stay strong, healthy, and safe. 

Signs of anxiety:

Here are some common signs of anxiety:

  • Feeling restless, tense, or nervous

  • Trembling 

  • Feeling tired always

  • A sense of impending doom, danger 

  • Increased heart beat 

  • Rapid Breathing 

  • Sweating

  • Sleeping disorder

  • Gastrointestinal problems

  • Trouble while concentrating 

  • Difficulties in coping with worries and excessive worries

If these common signs of anxiety are not going to be addressed immediately, you can experience the worst version of it “disorders,” including agoraphobia (fear of places or situations), panic attacks, Social anxiety disorder, selective mutism if you are a child, and many other specific phobias.

Trick your mind

If your mind is playing a game with you let's trick it by converting some thoughts in a creative way like: “ I am quarantine” becomes  “Finally I got an opportunity to focus on my own skills”. “I am getting bored” becomes “Let's find out some interesting ways to make simple things into extraordinary things.” This is how to deal with anxiety by shutting up the negative thoughts of your mind. 


Trick your mind

Make a routine and Stick to It

Create a semblance of work and lifestyle structure as you had a pre- locked period and stick to it. Manage the time of meeting your children, your work and other household activities. That is how to overcome anxiety by not dedicating your time wisely to different things. Wake up, exercise, eat, bathe, and sleep at your own time to  improve mental health. Take little breaks while working as you used to do in the office. Connect With Your Friends: One of the ways to deal with anxiety is to connect with others. In this locked down period it is not possible to meet your colleagues, friends, family members, and others but you can connect over video calls. Their support is the best way to deal with anxiety and boredom. 


Make a Routine

No Overconsumption of Coronavirus Coverage

Shut down the news channels that are bombarding the news of coronavirus again and again. That is how to get rid of anxiety. If your work doesn’t allow you to help the society in any means, you should keep your over eagerness to the curb.  Choosing trustable websites and news channels are some of the things to help with anxiety


Keep your house Clean and Organised

Mental wellness also gets impacted by the cleanliness around you. The more you have organised your home, it will give the more positive vibes. And the organising process will take the physical efforts that would be refreshing. Cleaning and organising are the best tips to deal with anxiety that anybody can give anyone. 



Natural ways to cure anxiety

 Follow some natural ways to cure anxiety that includes not drinking alcohol, stop smoking, stay hydrated, eat healthy and balanced diet, get proper sleep, practice breathing, meditate, sleep like a child, quite extra use of caffeine, and others which are also perfect ways to overcome stress. 

Natural ways to cure anxiety

Find out the signs of anxiety attack

 Stay aware of the signs of anxiety attacks that include sweating, fear of dying and losing mind, racing heart, dizziness, and many others already given. Once you found these and are sure about it, find the natural ways to calm anxiety but avoid the medicine in the first place. Consult the doctor you are seeing the  signs of anxiety attack and how to treat anxiety. 


Find out the signs of anxiety attack

Learn new hobbies

Hobbies are really stress busters and your friends at that time when there is nobody around you. To overcome your busyness, hobbies play a vital role. That is how to control anxiety. If you are learning the new one, it will take time, your interest, efforts, patience, and focus that will be also helpful for you to learn how to manage anxiety.


Learn new hobbies

These all are the effective ways to deal with depression and anxiety that you can practice by yourselves while sitting alone in your home. Remember these are the only things you have to start in very early even before noticing the symptoms. Consult the doctor if you have a history or experiencing an advanced version of signs of anxiety. 


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