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Nov 30, 2015

Mass gainer or whey protien

Hello, I am working out 6 days a week my weight is 69kgs and my height is 6'10 I want to build good muscle mass and the thing over which I want to focus more is the shape of my body my trainer advices me to bulk up till 80kgs and then start over the cutting process for that me adviced me to take a mass Gainer and idk why but I am preferring a whey protein because mass Gainers have lots of unhealthy junked carbs . So kindly advice me. Thank You
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Dec 01, 2015

Hi Kartikay,

you are underweight less than 5 kgs the you should go for lean mass gainer in which protein:cabs:: 1:3 like BSN True Mass, MUSCLEBLAZE Mass gainer pro, SCITECH Jumbo prof., RONNIE COLEMAN King mass, ON Pro gainer etc. Also take 6 rich protein diet and hit your gym minimum 5 days in a week.



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