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Nov 03, 2016

Muscle blaze fat burner

I ordered muscle blaze fat burner from health kart just wanted to know it's original or fake? And does it really works? Wat should be the dosage? How much we can loose in 1 month while doing gym also.??
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Nov 04, 2016


Healthkart is a reputed platform for health products. So any product you order from the Healthkart website is original, not fake.

The dosage of fat burner depends upon your weight loss needs & target and your body type. In general, weight loss depends on many factors like your current weight, body type, diet and daily routine etc. 

You can refer to these articles for more information on fat burning - 


Also, please remember to consult a dietician or health expert for detailed advice for your specific weight loss needs. You can also refer to the dosage details on the Muscle Blaze fat burner pack.


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