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Jul 30, 2015

Muscle building

Hi to all, I have been going to the gym for the last 3 years.I do intense workout . I lift heavy weights but I dont take any supplements n I m a pure vegetarian.    I  take  bananas, dalia and peanut butter in my daily routine apart from a normal food like chapatis, milk ,vegetables . Is it possible to built muscles without having supplements if yes then I request  u to suggest me some diet. I really wann build up my muscles. Look forward for ur reply... Thks a Ton...
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Aug 06, 2015

Hi  Vishant.

I know I m bothering u agian n agin but trust me this is the last time...

To be very honest with u I wouldn't be able to spend much on my diet  ...I m listing my diet chat n request u to EDIT which u feel is not required or not important  ..

Before Workout-1  Banana

After Workout- Cottage Cheese + Almonds

Breakast- Namkeen Dalia+ Milk

Before Workout- Peanut Butter

Lunch- Spinach/Broccoli+ 2 Chapatis

Evening- Soyabean Chaap/ Green Peas/ Chane

Evening- Tea+ Protein Mix Mixture

8 pm-  Greek Yogurt+ Oats

9 pm-  Dinner

10 - Milk

Remember, I want to build up my Lean body n have muscles...

Look forwad for ur reply..





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Aug 06, 2015
Everything is good but I can't understand the term " protein mix mixture" One change is needed , add 4 or 5 roti in lunch and decrease in dinner if you want.. In simple words Before workout take cabs After workout take protein and carb Morning take heavy breakfast ( protein carbs) Afternoon take heavy lunch ( carbs prtoin fat) After 5 pm cut off carbs and fat. 9 pm take light dinner ( protein) At the time of sleep eat only one black pepper, I said only one, go to bed sleep well.
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Aug 06, 2015

Thks for ur swift reply..


Protein mix mixture is a snack that normallly u get from good departmental or retail store. It contains different dals, soyabean, chane etc..

In breakfast dalia wud work or shall i take something else for proteins? how does black pepper wud help?



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Aug 06, 2015
Scientific studies have shown again and again that one of the most effective ways to burn fat is to eat peppers. Your body continues to burn fat while you sleep as a direct result of including them with your meals and take alone. Provide good sleep and continue maintenance of body while you sleep. Anything else.......... (^_^) Dude I think at that time I empty because almost everything explain or discuss.. Lol
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Aug 07, 2015

I know almost everything is being discussed but I m so inquisitive ... having said that i admire ur patience for ur replies to my queries..

U haven't answered my question that shall I take dalia after my workout . Does it help in anyways..

I was wondering if i cud hold of protein bars that is  a choclate like Max protein bar, workout protein bars. It contains 20% protein contains essential amino acids...worth 50 or 100 each 

If I cud take this 3 times a week rest 3 days I can take cottage chese and almonds.

why dont u drop ur no..



Test altAshmeet Sep 21, 2015

Pre and Post workout should only have fast digesting carbohydrates like, potatoes, Banana etc. All other times you can have complex carbohydrates like dalia, oats, muesli etc.'s picture
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Aug 07, 2015
Yes you can continue with daliya. it is helpful but protein bar is more effective immediate after workout.. Only diet never build muscle , it happen when you do instance workout at that time muscle breakdown or soreness. Diet and workout have equal value.
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Sep 06, 2015

Hi Vishant,

 I want to increase my size as a result I have started taking biled potatoes, bananas as intructed by my gym instuctor. I tell u my diet plan. I requst u to edit this if u feel like...

Before workout- 2 bananas

after workout- panner, almonds. sprouts

breakfast- cornflakes+ peanut butter with 2 toasts

lunch- 2 chapatis/ rice/ dal/ vegetable

4pm- tea+ biscuit

evening- 3 bananas



Regarding my workout i try to lift heavy weights and not concentarte on reps. I do 6 days workout doing single part everday. For instance I  do biscepts like 15 reps-5*5 weight , 12 reps- 7* 7 weight.10 reps- 10*10 weight, 12 reps- 12*12 weight.

I start with 5 kg for each body part except chest that i start  from 10 kgs.. I dont wann take any supplements as I told u before. I request u to assist me with this...




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Sep 21, 2015

7:30 am
 700 ml milk
1 Apple
30 g Almonds
10:30 AM 10 Egg Whites
3 Chapati
2 Fish oil
1 Multivitamin
1 Becadexamine
1 Liv 52
1:00 pm
 Brown rice
Mutton 200g
Vitamin E 1
Vitamin C 1
2:00 PM Bio 28
3:30 PM 1 scoop pre workout
5:00 PM 2 scoop whey
2 chapati
1 glass milk
7:30 PM Chicken 200g
100 g Potato
1 chapati
1 vitamin c
1 vitamin e
1 Liv 52
9:00 PM 1 scoop casein protein
Bio 28

These are the items included in my diet. You can distribute them according to your requirements. Key: Everyone has different levels where their body fits itself. So, focus on finding yours. The major part would be to eat clean and focus on this much amount of protein, carbs and fats each day along with MICRONUTRIENTS which are VERY IMP. So, vitamin C, E, B-complex, Multivitamins are must have. Along with something for your liver example, liv 52 twice daily. After each major meal take a 5 minute walk.


Try fixing your workouts as well. Find out what your body needs. Good luck!

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Nov 30, 2015
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