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Mar 28, 2017

Muscles without extra protein supplements

Right now i m 6feet, 80kg weight, having toned body, no extra fats in body. I dont want to take protein supplements inaddition, in order to enhance my body muscles. Is it possible that on daily exercise, can i enhance my body muscles (like biceps from 13.5 to 16 inches and chest from 40 to 45) with enhanced home-diet. On vigorous exercise without supplements, my veins can be burst when muscle growth/size will have reached its optimum height? thanks gaurav 7503917770
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Mar 30, 2017


 In diet I would recommend you to include boiled/steamed chicken or Fish,boiled egg whites, low-fat paneer, nuts & seeds, sprouts, whole dal like steamed rajma, chickpea salad, multigrain bread with peanut butter, etc. Also do hydrate yourself with minimum 3.5-4 L a day. Also would recommend to include whey protein & BCAA as they will help you to build your muscles along with faster recovery.
Incase if you are not keen to take protein supplements,you can try some home made protein supplements. For details you can contact us on 01244616444

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