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Oct 20, 2016

My age is 42,wgt-100kg,ht-6ft,so what type of diet ,weight should i lift ,is too heavy or light,i ask two trainer ,one told me

that,you became old age so don't lift heavy ,he told me 4sets 20reps each ,only in leg day do heavy .2nd trainer told me that ,do as heavy as do,i told him that ,i bench press with 70kg after that i can't lift more wt ,squat i use 90kg,1st trainer told you need 300/350gm protein /day,2nd trainer told me only 100kg protein/day is enough .another i ask him about bicep ,he told me that not to do above 2set ,on chest day do 2set of triceps, back days do2set of bicep .suggest me what to do.i in workout since 6yrs ,always i do as much as i can lift weight ,now i cant lift too heavy as i lift in 4 to 5yrs ago. i calculate my b mi ,my body fat shows me 29%,so which supplement i take before /after.
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Oct 21, 2016

Generally, we suggest the following supplements:

MB Torque- Pre-workout

BCAA- Intra workout

Whey Protein- post workout
However,​​ for your personalized workout, supplement and diet schedule please contact us on consult.


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