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Dec 11, 2015

My blood pressure is always 80/150mmhg, should i use clenbuterol & stanozolol?

i m 22 yrs old. i love bpdy building. my trainer suggested me to use clenbuterol & stanozolol, should i use it? if i should use them than what should be the dose of them? my blood pressure some times goes to 80/150mmhg,  please guide me.
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Jan 15, 2016


Both clenbuterol & stanozol are steroids. We do not deal in steroids are cannot tell you about the same. Steroids are drugs which alter your hormones , gives you very good result in limited span of time. But it causes side effects like gynocomasteia,bad body odour, testicular atrophy, going sterile, not too mention distended guts and a lifetime on TRT. And they are not safe to consume . 


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