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Jun 20, 2015

My body fat is 12% and my weight is 66kg and my height is 5'8 ! i want to lose my body fat without much effecting my muscles ! basically from tummy and sides ! what should i do so that i can cut fat from that body portion quickly?

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Jun 22, 2015

perform cardio after weight training. try hiit. in supplements u can take fat burner (with stimulant) or u can just take non stimulant fat burner ( combo of CLA+CARNITINE+fish oil)


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Jun 26, 2015

Hi Aman,

To maintain the muscle and get more ripped, I would suggest that you do some calorie cycling. This would mean that you consume more calories on your training days and lesser on the off days.

Also, on the off days you might want to cut calories, mainly from carbs and fat and keep the protein high. This type of subtle diet change will help you to get rid of some excess fat without sacrificing muscle.

In terms of training, add some high intensity workouts 1-2 times a week by doing some sprinting, kettlebell work, rope jumping, etc. to burn fat. These sessions should be about 10-15 minutes total, and can be done after your weight training or as a separate session by itself.You can also include some lower body exercises like leg raises, leg throw to get rid os stubborn lower body fat. 


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