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Aug 16, 2015

My question to ( muscleblaze)

On the celebration of 68 independence day. First time I have a question about Supliment Prices. let's me explain. ON whey protein which is USD 58( ₹3,778) in United States. In India ON whey Protein available ₹7,699. If we find difference (₹7,699 - ₹3,778) ₹3,921 which is dubble of its price and little bit extra due to import duty,etc. But i didn't understood what was the reason for higher price of Indians company in their Indian market. One of the most leading company like MuscleBlaze. MuscleBlaze whey protein 4.4 lbs is more costly compare to ON whey protein 5lbs.... And Quality ! What the reason behind this? Is it higher margin for more profit? Or other reason which I don't know. Explain.
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Aug 17, 2015


There are numerous costs associated with making a protein. To make sure your protein is not spiked with amino's companies like MuscleBlaze go through quality checks which not only ensure you are getting the most protein for your money but this kind of rigorous testing takes into account certain costs. ON retails for around 6000-7000 rupees whereas MuscleBlaze retails for 4000. That is an extremely competitive price for the same if not better quality of protein. Please also take into account other costs like import duty, shipping costs that also have to be given to import protein like ON.


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Aug 19, 2015
ON retail around 7000 due to import duty but in there own market is half of its price compare to Indian market. MuscleBlaze is Indian no. 1 brand but price is high. Like you say quality check increase cost. If I believe you then one makes me stop that is. ON founded in 1973. But MuscleBlaze is rencent. In India, milk is available in good quantities which is raw material for whey protein. ON is international brand so is we have better quality compared to ON. Ohh its too complicated there is no solutions. There are many people which wants to build body or good fitness but mostly cant afford Supliment and they go to Jym last 3 years or more but don't have measurable changes. For those who have Will Power , Desireness, Dedication and give Sacrifice. Thanks Punnet
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Aug 24, 2015

hi vishant,

bro letc d answer for ur question...

nearly 700lbs of liquid whey( byproduct of cheese) is needed to make a 5lbs of whey protein powder.. ( *approx 100gallons of milk gv 110lbs of cheese +5lbs whey) n d milk price is nearly same in US n INDIA..

so u said ON(will collect liquid whey from d cheese manufacturers) is a gud it FDA approved? NO. (india has less cheese production ,so mostly d brands import from other countries)

but muscleblaze is approved by fssai n dope free,banned subs dey both r same.n muscle blaze claim tat dey use raw materials frm international source..

muscleblaze is a brand of healthkart..n u shld knw tat whey protein is a billion $ business worldwide..

 FOR EXAMPLE if u r into a business u made a product worth 100$ will u supply it for d same price? no u ll hike d price cuz u need profit so u can run d production...

u think muscleblaze is costly? den check sme indian brands too...manufacturing price is diff n selling price is diff....for example if a big brand released any protein with damn too low price like 800rs per 3lbs, people wont buy it dey ll think that is a cheap product dey ll think it wont gv results..its all about the business business business.

AND as u said in ur Q if a person can afford the gym fees for 3 years, he can/ may b afford suppliments too...if that person nutrition is gud he doesnt need any supplements( the answer is in the word itself those r just SUPPLIMENTS) .

so bro stop worrying abiut it n keep lifting keep pumping :):):)

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Aug 24, 2015
Ohh business, I ignore it before but I understand. In all one statement is satisfied me. And one last things Jym fee is 400 per month not 2000, iron health club muzaffarnagr. There is any problem in site, questions answer overlaps each other. Thanks.
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Apr 03, 2017
Actually muscle blaze company use low quality protein do not compare it with such a high quality company which standadised their product from third party international. Standard lab ...muscle blaze have no guts to test their product in international laboratory . Muscle blaze is not cheap they are just making fool to Indian people because Indian have less option . Second reason is musclec blaze health viva and health kart these All are same company these three are run by aquamarine company which also sell product on Amazon and other website .... Health kart put all effort to sell muscle blaze ...I do not know rating on Heath kart about muscle blaze is true or fake
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