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Jan 04, 2017

My weight is 50kg. how to gain my weight

My weight is 50kg. how to gain my weight
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Jan 04, 2017


We need to understand that while gaining weight, it is important that we gain good muscle mass and not unnecessary belly fat. 

So, if you want to increase your weight as well as muscle mass, you need to take mass gainer. You can go for ON Serious Mass/ Muscle Blaze XXL mass gainer. Take mass gainer post workout in water as per the dosage of the brand that you are using. Although gainer plays just half the role in your weight gain, you need to take a good diet and have a good exercise pattern for a healthy and regulated weight gain. Eat something every 2-3 hours. Diet high in complex carbohydrates and protein is required. Consume high calorie shakes like banana shake. Include figs, dates, eggs, and good fat in the form of nuts, peanut butter and seeds in your daily diet.

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