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Mar 30, 2017

Need gain 15kg in a month

Sir.. I need to gain muscles about 15kg in a month it is possible to gain if it possible please kindly assist me to take a best supplement. Pls kindly help me. Looking forward to hear from u at earliest.
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Mar 31, 2017


You want to gain 15 kg muscle massin a month, to be honest gaining 15 kg of muscle mass in a months time humanly not possible. You can gain muscle over a period of time if you eat sufficient amount of calories ,maintain your workout schedule and taking proper rest.

Patience is the key ,it will take time but if you follow the path of hard work i can assure you,will get the body you want.
To aid your muscle building program my supplementation recommendation are-
1. Mass gainer 
3. Createin Monohydrate
 for first 12 weeks .
After 12 weeks get your assessment done and on the basis of your results we can plan ahead.
Best of Luck

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