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Jul 20, 2015

Need to gain weight and bulk my body

Hello , I am 5ft 11 inch and weigh only 72 kg. i want to gain weight and bulk my muscle. I have purchased mass gainer of muscle blaze and gluatime of muscle blaze along with creatine oof ON. please suggest me suitable diet plan and exercise routine to help me acheive my goal. Also I have lower back issues and acidity issues as well so please suggest exercises keeping that in mind. Thanks  
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Jul 20, 2015
you need a high carb +high protein+ low fat diet i also give online personal training which include personalised diet+ personalised workout plan with supplementation for more info contact me robin bishnoi persnol trainer [email protected]
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Jul 20, 2015
Hi ASHWANI I m also 5" 11 and 74kg. U have many Supliment. Glutomine and creatin take same path to absorb in body. Keep in mind don't be clash these. Creatin take in early morning with carbs or glucose in empty stomach. Glutamine before 30 min of workout. Mb gainers after your workout.
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Jul 21, 2015

Hello Ashwini

U should take creatine 30 mins before workout and glutamine just after workout along with gainer. 

For best results follow this diet plan:

9 am- heavy breakfast

11 am- mass gainer shake

2 pm - lunch

5 pm- boiled chicken

pre workout- creatine with boiled potato

post workout- mass gainer shake with glutamine

10 pm- dinner

12 am- mass gainer shake

For ur lower back avoid doing deadlifts & dont do heavy squats. Start doing hyper extensions, these will improve ur lower back.

Mohit Arya (Certified Online Trainer)

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