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Oct 06, 2015

Need to loose weight from 78kg to 67kg

Hi,I'm in a routine to loose my weight with minimal muscle loss from 78kgs to 67kgs. I'm one month into the routine and my current weight is 75kg. I've increase my protein consumption 20% to avoid muscle loss, reduced my carbs and sugar intake. I'm consuming about 2 scoops of protein powder a day and also using fat burners of about 2 caps a day 5days a week which I only take on the day of my workout routine. And my workout routine is the same as the one I was following in the gaining period to prevent muscle loss. I've also added cardio to my routine of about 30 minutes a day. My height is 5.9. My question is wether I'm following the correct path. My goal is to achieve my target weight within 3 months into my routine. Thanks.
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Oct 08, 2015


You are going good.


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